She is now 59 days old..From about 15 days of age.. she would show signs of smiling.. but as the books unemotionally put

it.. it was gas! lol yeah she smiled the air out 🙂 The first gassy smiley came on 20th Aug 2010.. Her granny would be so

thrilled each time and I brushed it as gas..


But now in past 3-4 days..almost overnite my baby has suddenly grown to recognize us..One fine morning she gets up and greets everyone

in the family with a big gummy smile.. nope no gas.. she s got the social smile now..and the smile comes without fail every time

she sees someone she knows..mumma,dadda,ammamma,thatha and her favorite purple cow rattle..It is a wonder how she learns these things! She never fails to amaze me..

Her dad visits every alternate days..(We are at nani’s place now)..Still her little brain remembers daddy dearest! The smile

she gives him shows the emotions clearly ” I missed you” .. Even if she is in her most grumbly moods..she ll give atleast a tiny smile

to acknowledge my presence and then return back to grumble..