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Its been a long time since I’ve written or wanted to write. There is only one reason..I don’t get permission from little miss. 😛 Biggest milestone to achieved as of yet is “me” “vevina” “vevi” “booboos” . She knows now she can rule the roost and How! Every waking moment is and by rule about her now.. otherwise we can see instant transformation of a cute little angel to a fist curling grumphing tomato 🙂

It is funny and frustrating at the same time.. you wanna laugh and give her a hug but at the same time you want to get mad at her too!I thought tantrums are for toddlers and I had time.. but nopes this Leo temper is some force to reckon with.. But ignore her temper and give her what she’ll thank God a hundred times for her.. If the anger is fireworks there is no less love around.. Pass her the just out of reach toy, give her her bottle or cup or just pick her up when she wants to be, you will be rewarded with the best smile in the world and a lot of pinches on your cheek 😀

She now moves like a top .. I think crawling is outta fashion ..too much of old generation thing..she just goes where ever she wants to go like a top.. “Its cool way mum! you dont know a thing” is the look she gives me when I tell her to crawl instead.. sigh! Yes fashion is huge on the agenda! Vevina is the official stylist for her ammama..No specs(she pulls them off with a great finnesse) and a few strand of hair always on forehead is the current style for her granny! 😛 Dont let the cute pics you see of her fool ya! I am still trying to capture the tantrums on camera but hey when she is red we do as she says not click pics!


It is funny that no one
really questions if I can really take care of a three month old…it comes nAturally they say motherhood…but well I am learning it and it didn’t come naturally to me. But now we have a ritual.each morning after daddy leaves, we have a little heart to heart chat (right now she s an Amazing listener). Then we do some tummy time together. Tummy times are tiring so she naps while I finish off some household work. Madam gets up for lunch and if it even a minute late,won’t have lunch. Then it takes a lot of songs and nursery rhymes to apologise and stuff ,err, feed HRH. every once in a while she rewards me with a chuckle or two. Then it’s playtime and puppy cow n other toys are eagerly waiting in the gym for her. she is meanwhile still perturbed that they are still out there and not in her tummy. The hunt continues after the silly animals (they ll be history once the girl knows to grab and remember). It takes some effort ya know..haath aaaya par moo nahi laga..that’s leaves us tired and a bit hungry.we make do with milk for the time being and plan hunting in the nap time. After the nap it’s time to help mom cook dinner.she sits in her bouncer and supervises the cooking. Uff she wonders why don’t these people eat simple meals like me,what’s with all those spices?!?
Now she wonders where’s that person who made funny faces in the morning..I could do with some new entertainment,she thinks. Sometimes Akka and Anna from the floor below come but they really don’t know still how to play with HRH..
Aaha the bell rings and daddy s here. Look how she d make a cute lil smiley face and any complain that mum has against her goes unheard…

This definitely doesn’t happen anywhere else.. Thanks to the cultural and linguistic vastness of India 🙂

By birth,I belong to the  state Andhra Pradesh which in turn is being split into Telengana and Seemandhra ( God Forbid!) . By upbringing , I think I belong to Dilli.. But then again I ve had my turbulent teens in aamchi Mumbai.. Dad’s trasferrable job was FUN!

By Birth, my husband belongs to the state of Maharastra from Vidharbha region migrated to Mumbai..

In Andhra , it is still sets tongues wagging when a reddy or a naidu  girl marries a brahmin boy or vice versa.. its downright scandulous to do so.. So me marrying a Maharastrian is well stuff that gossipmiller’s heaven is made up off.. 😀

Well anyway this aint about me! Afterall its a baby blog!

My Vevina is born in Telengana.. so firstly by birth she is a Telengana Powri.. nextly she is a Deshpande.. so she is a Marathi mulgi and somewhere from me she is a Andhra Aadapoduchu.. I dare also add she is some 0.1% dilli ki kudi too..

While some might see chaos at work here but I see  Opportunity for her..

*) She automatically picks up 4 languages ( Marathi,Telugu,Hindi and English).She may not need the Idea help afterall

*) She gets the best of all cultures and best of mithais on all the additional festivals 😉

*) She has aaji,ajoba and ammama-thatha (no confusion there :D).

*) She is a local for all sorts of exams in Andhra and Maharastra.

*) Who can boost of having both a mother-tongue and a father-tongue 😉

*) She can for a change call herself an Indian rather than from a particular state.. ( slight Desh Bhakti )

I cant think of more at this time but Vevina is up from her afternoon nap and well she doesnt really care for the states

and languages at the moment.. Its uunnnnggaaaaaaaaaaaa time!

Lol I had fun throughout the 9 months – the Boy or Girl- suspense is good..Good that India has banned ultrasounds to predict the gender..

There were many people, telling me many tales pointing to either Baby Boy or Baby Girl..

Now I am having fun seeing some of these tales are actually correct in my case..


1) Heartbeats : You’re having a girl, then the fetal heart rate will be above 140. A boy will have a heart rate below 140.

Bang on my lil one always was above 140..

2)Weight Gain: This is funny! If your husband puts on weight during your pregnancy, then you will be having a girl. If he doesn’t put on a  pound, then you’re carrying a boy.

Erm! I think Bingo again 😛

3)Acne:If you have acne while pregnant, it’s a girl.

not much.. Myth I guess..

4) Cravings: If you crave for savoury (chatpatta) stuff than it’s a girl. If you like sweets during the pregnancy than it’s a boy.


The only time i ever liked sweets is during my pregnency..

5) Formula: Compare your age at conception with the year of conception. If both are even or odd, it will be a girl; if one is even and one is odd, it will be a boy

Wow bingo!

6) Morning Sickness: If you have morning sickness early in pregnancy, it’s sure to be a girl.

Wrong ! I mean if early mean 3rd month then maybe right!

7) Hair Color: If you get red highlights in your hair, you’ll have a girl.

Haha I got mahogany last sep.. not anywhere close..


I guess there are many more but these are the ones that stuck! n It was really fun listening to these myths with wide eyes and believing in what I wanted to believe..:D

Marvel that a baby is:

We think they know nothing and so fragile and little …but no.. they are fitted with God s ingenius gifts.

My 26 day old daughter  came blessed with what are the most and only essential things needed to live life and enjoy!

She know how to feed and how to tell me she is hungry –

She knows how to breathe and how to fight of the stray blanket or bib near her nose –

She knows how to smile and when to smile

-when she is full and after a burp.

-when she is done pooping (what a relief)

-when mom finally listens to her pleas and takes her for a feed.

( oh yeah her plea cries are so heartbreaking-

you d do  anything after hearing that)

She know how to protect herself from falling ( when she thinks you didnt pick her up well) -you should see how strong her grasp is.

She knows how to sleep and how much to sleep blissfully.

She knows when to get up and let the world know.

She knows what she wants and will do only what she thinks should be done at the given moment ( yeha! already)

She can entertain herself when she wants alone and without any gizmos or toys..


Every moment with her is teaching me something about enjoying little things in life ! n here I thought I will be teaching her stuff..:)

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