Hi Virtual world!

I am Sia.. born and bought up in India ( please dont think about chicken tikkas and snake charmers .. I have known neither)

I am by profession a peoplesoft analyst and had been doing that for about 6 years. During the course of time, I met ,fell in love, married and fought a lot with my sweetheart AbhiD. N then one fine day we found out we are PREGNANT.. Life has been a rollercoaster since then!

I have now quit job and am struggling to be a Stay At Home Mom. I believe I was raised the best and my mom was always there for me. I want the same for my lil girl too..But its hard nonetheless and sometimes I want to give up and lookoutfor the nearest daycare! I aint proud of it but I am not perfect!

My little girl was born on 5th Aug 2010 and is such a sweetheart.. this blog is my feelings for her and basically all my pentup frustations also might turn up once in a while..!