If nothing else ,at-least let me boast of Vevina’s punctuality.. that internal clock is working wonders..she just turned 4 months on 5th December.. We were just wondering over the weekend when would she turn over.. maybe in the 5th month or 6th month I mused.. She started turning 90 degrees from about 15-16 days.. Whenever  we’d put her on the floor , she’ll start trying really hard to do something..

Amazing how she would turn 90 degrees and fall back and try again over and over. Sometimes it would worry me that she’ll hurt herself. But then it is the first of many times I’ll feel that and hold myself from picking her up..she is growing up and how!! lol

We thought it will take time for her because of the timing. It is suddenly a lil cold in Hyderabad. So not only we had her in diapers but extra clothing too.. Everything ought to make it difficult for her but she didnt give up at all.

Finally on 4th December, she turned around completely, suddenly and lifted her head to see us..her expressions said it all.. look at me I DID IT!! In telugu customs , we make sweets to mark the event .. so mum did that quickly.. It was like she does all the hardwork and we got to eat sweets..hehehe

Now that the first step is taken, is she taking time off to relax? Nopes now that position is attained ,she wants to move! NOW!