Disclaimer: below note is at the risk of sounding like toy saleswoman.. I love toys so much and what is best is that Vevi enjoys playing them… But amongst the many many toys that she has, I have noticed a few that stand out and hit the bull’s eye..

1) Gymmini activity gym : she has had some good times underneath this gym.. She started out by just staring at the hanging toys when she was 2 months…slowing she started reaching out for them,feeling them,grasping them and finally pulling one towards her to get pleasantly surprised by some sound or vibration the toy makes..every baby kicks ..they have cleverly placed a response pad near the feet,so that each time she kicks, she gets some sort of response..she finally used the hanging toys as a leverage to turn over.. Remarkable idea for a toy! Kudos to the designer!

2) fisher price precious planet bouncer Thanks again to the toy guys! There are some few minutes in the day where we need to run errands and the bouncer is the perfect solution . Double the advantage if it’s fun for the baby too. There s a toy bar with some pull to hear music toys that keeps her entertained and improves her gross motor skills..I love to see Vevi bouncing in her chair trying to grasp the monkey or the lion ..but strictly for 15 minutes..then she wants to move on to other important things.

3)leap frog learning baby tad the toad: This one is still being mastered by Vevi ..it’s a lil stuffed toad with buttons in all limbs and tummy..on pressing each ,a assorted nursery rhymes can be heard in a baby voice.. Tad was very helpful in the initial starting solids days..to keep Vevi engrossed in ABCs so much that any mush could be spooned in :p with relative ease..

4)moving doll What amazes little Vevi us how the lil doll crawls while song so effortlessly..tries are on full swing to imitate it or grab it! Future will tell!

5) balls: Any shape,any size do not fail to amaze us! Simplistic but real wonders aren’t they!?! Vevi’s research currently on how round they are and why do they roll when she throws them..she spends about a quarter of a day researching them.

I did warn you I ll be sounding like a toy saleswoman :p sowwie but I do believe toys form an integral part of a kids life and through Vevi ,I am just letting the kid in me enjoy too 😀