Woah!! This is the decade that saw me grow from a baby girl to a baby woman ( Yeah ! its impossible to remove

the baby in me)

I started 2000 with a big dream of making it into medicine..wrote all entrances failed in many miserably but passed out barely in few..But then as usual I hit a crossroad in my mind.. take the Mbbs/BDS seat somehow or just leave it.. Well

I dont need to tell about the choice I made…


Then again I was at crossroads again with PG entrances in 2003.. go to a fancy outtatown College or the local Merit University..I chose last minute to stay with the local one ( read : with parents) . When I say last minute I mean it.. I ran out of the fancy college after all admissions were done and hostel arranged!! 😛


Then bang in another 2 years,2005 I was again at the oh-so-familiar road by now.. This timethe choice was between 2 jobs in hand : Technical  Writer or Software Engineer…again I came out on the Tech Writing job 2 days into it to take the job as a Software Engineer..


Yeah again in another  year or so  2007 ..yup.. crossroads again.. Choice was Abhishek or No Abhishek..hahaha 😛 Well again we all know that result too …


In 2008 .. the biggest change that happened was my wedding and finally I had to move out from my folk’s place..lol


THe decade is ending in the biggest possible change in my life : My little girl Vevina- I am a mother now.. baby mother!!

( Nopes still cant take the baby out of me even though One literally did!!!) Again I had the last crossroad of the decade-

To choose between being with my baby as a SAHM or being the juggling career woman!! Hmm I didnt break the trend,I

chose to stay at home on the last wee days of my extended-extended Maternity leave 🙂


If you notice the  trend mostly my last minute decisions are the best ! I am still continuing on that trend and hopefully they always hold good on me..!


P.S I like to call myself instinctive not indecisive 😀

P.S I hijacked Vevina’s blog just for this once 🙂 Sorry Vevi!

P.S People tagged in this note very well know why!!