Haha anyone who has seen “andaz apna apna” will know what I am talking about 🙂 his famous dialog was ‘ har cheez time to time honi chahiye’ Vevina inadvertently is following the dialog to the tee..

I know some will say I and ammama made her so . But trust me, even we didnt think she ‘ll be so punctual.. Regular eating-sleeping times are fixed but what are funnily also fixed are : –taking bath… At around 10-10.15. Isnt it the most fun thing Eva! Water is soo mich fun but people always pull her out just when she s really starting to enjoy ..grrrr! –Going to check for post in the postbox at around 2-2.30. Yes we are proud to get mail and disappointed if nothing is there! So please snail mail Vevina 🙂 –watering ammama’s plants at around 5-5.30..well first they get watered and then we go in for the kill!

Daily one leaf belongs to Vevi :p plant version of PETA please pardon her! — at around 6.30 , it’s time to go to the park.. Well lot of friends await little Vevina there! –at around 8.30, her baba switches on the wii , she knows it and is delighted when the welcome music starts. She doesn’t get to see it yet but if sound itself is such a attraction, she surely is on her way be a game 🙂 My little one has a internal clock to beat all clocks at home. Why we the clocks and watches unnecessarily at home is a valid doubt anyone can have..