It is funny that no one
really questions if I can really take care of a three month old…it comes nAturally they say motherhood…but well I am learning it and it didn’t come naturally to me. But now we have a ritual.each morning after daddy leaves, we have a little heart to heart chat (right now she s an Amazing listener). Then we do some tummy time together. Tummy times are tiring so she naps while I finish off some household work. Madam gets up for lunch and if it even a minute late,won’t have lunch. Then it takes a lot of songs and nursery rhymes to apologise and stuff ,err, feed HRH. every once in a while she rewards me with a chuckle or two. Then it’s playtime and puppy cow n other toys are eagerly waiting in the gym for her. she is meanwhile still perturbed that they are still out there and not in her tummy. The hunt continues after the silly animals (they ll be history once the girl knows to grab and remember). It takes some effort ya know..haath aaaya par moo nahi laga..that’s leaves us tired and a bit hungry.we make do with milk for the time being and plan hunting in the nap time. After the nap it’s time to help mom cook dinner.she sits in her bouncer and supervises the cooking. Uff she wonders why don’t these people eat simple meals like me,what’s with all those spices?!?
Now she wonders where’s that person who made funny faces in the morning..I could do with some new entertainment,she thinks. Sometimes Akka and Anna from the floor below come but they really don’t know still how to play with HRH..
Aaha the bell rings and daddy s here. Look how she d make a cute lil smiley face and any complain that mum has against her goes unheard…