Its been a long time since I’ve written or wanted to write. There is only one reason..I don’t get permission from little miss. 😛 Biggest milestone to achieved as of yet is “me” “vevina” “vevi” “booboos” . She knows now she can rule the roost and How! Every waking moment is and by rule about her now.. otherwise we can see instant transformation of a cute little angel to a fist curling grumphing tomato 🙂

It is funny and frustrating at the same time.. you wanna laugh and give her a hug but at the same time you want to get mad at her too!I thought tantrums are for toddlers and I had time.. but nopes this Leo temper is some force to reckon with.. But ignore her temper and give her what she’ll thank God a hundred times for her.. If the anger is fireworks there is no less love around.. Pass her the just out of reach toy, give her her bottle or cup or just pick her up when she wants to be, you will be rewarded with the best smile in the world and a lot of pinches on your cheek 😀

She now moves like a top .. I think crawling is outta fashion ..too much of old generation thing..she just goes where ever she wants to go like a top.. “Its cool way mum! you dont know a thing” is the look she gives me when I tell her to crawl instead.. sigh! Yes fashion is huge on the agenda! Vevina is the official stylist for her ammama..No specs(she pulls them off with a great finnesse) and a few strand of hair always on forehead is the current style for her granny! 😛 Dont let the cute pics you see of her fool ya! I am still trying to capture the tantrums on camera but hey when she is red we do as she says not click pics!