Marvel that a baby is:

We think they know nothing and so fragile and little …but no.. they are fitted with God s ingenius gifts.

My 26 day old daughter  came blessed with what are the most and only essential things needed to live life and enjoy!

She know how to feed and how to tell me she is hungry –

She knows how to breathe and how to fight of the stray blanket or bib near her nose –

She knows how to smile and when to smile

-when she is full and after a burp.

-when she is done pooping (what a relief)

-when mom finally listens to her pleas and takes her for a feed.

( oh yeah her plea cries are so heartbreaking-

you d do  anything after hearing that)

She know how to protect herself from falling ( when she thinks you didnt pick her up well) -you should see how strong her grasp is.

She knows how to sleep and how much to sleep blissfully.

She knows when to get up and let the world know.

She knows what she wants and will do only what she thinks should be done at the given moment ( yeha! already)

She can entertain herself when she wants alone and without any gizmos or toys..


Every moment with her is teaching me something about enjoying little things in life ! n here I thought I will be teaching her stuff..:)