Oh! She is these many months ! Why ain’t she sitting or crawling or standing or talking or something!?! The milestone queries are dime a dozen!
What no one really sees is the effort she is putting to learn to achieve each milestone! Especially the recent ones I.e crawling and talking .. Her every waking moment is spent either blabbering baby talk or perfecting her motor skills! She doesn’t want us to get a toy for her any longer! She ll take time but will eventually make it to the toy .. And the happiness after that is expressed so beautifully! She wants to be acknowledged for that and any bit of appreciation and encouragement is well received too…patience and perseverance for about a month or so has paid for the little girl.. Now she zips pasts us so quickly to all things that we don’t want her to touch, it’s amazing! more mobile he becomes , less I can protect her from harming herself ! But then I guess that’s how learning is!
I want to tell Vevina somehow to take it easy..it okay .. These milestones don’t really matter for me! But than I don’t think she is going to take any breaks now.. I slept enough mumma,she says.. Or As i interpret her ‘ atta thata dada’..

Wisemen say ‘Life is all about adjustments and compromises’ me will try to keep these two words away from Vevi as long as I can! 😀 she has to come across them sometime surely but not anywhere in the near future ..

P.s for the sake of records her first words are ‘attha’ and ‘dada’..