This definitely doesn’t happen anywhere else.. Thanks to the cultural and linguistic vastness of India 🙂

By birth,I belong to the  state Andhra Pradesh which in turn is being split into Telengana and Seemandhra ( God Forbid!) . By upbringing , I think I belong to Dilli.. But then again I ve had my turbulent teens in aamchi Mumbai.. Dad’s trasferrable job was FUN!

By Birth, my husband belongs to the state of Maharastra from Vidharbha region migrated to Mumbai..

In Andhra , it is still sets tongues wagging when a reddy or a naidu  girl marries a brahmin boy or vice versa.. its downright scandulous to do so.. So me marrying a Maharastrian is well stuff that gossipmiller’s heaven is made up off.. 😀

Well anyway this aint about me! Afterall its a baby blog!

My Vevina is born in Telengana.. so firstly by birth she is a Telengana Powri.. nextly she is a Deshpande.. so she is a Marathi mulgi and somewhere from me she is a Andhra Aadapoduchu.. I dare also add she is some 0.1% dilli ki kudi too..

While some might see chaos at work here but I see  Opportunity for her..

*) She automatically picks up 4 languages ( Marathi,Telugu,Hindi and English).She may not need the Idea help afterall

*) She gets the best of all cultures and best of mithais on all the additional festivals 😉

*) She has aaji,ajoba and ammama-thatha (no confusion there :D).

*) She is a local for all sorts of exams in Andhra and Maharastra.

*) Who can boost of having both a mother-tongue and a father-tongue 😉

*) She can for a change call herself an Indian rather than from a particular state.. ( slight Desh Bhakti )

I cant think of more at this time but Vevina is up from her afternoon nap and well she doesnt really care for the states

and languages at the moment.. Its uunnnnggaaaaaaaaaaaa time!